Champalimaud Foundation – PhD Student Diaries | JANUARY Edition

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In the first edition of 2024, Prannay J. Reddy is joined by fellow PhD student Madalena Bettencourt to give updates on the course so far. In the last month, they have wrestled with the theoretical classes on Artificial Neural Networks (Principal Investigator Gonzalo de Polavieja also explains more about the course content in this video).

Given that this time of year is when students are applying for next year’s edition, Madalena and Prannay also pass on some advice for dealing with the interview and selection process.

Of course, no issue of PhD Student Diaries would be complete without Prannay’s latest thoughts on the cake situation: proving that nowhere is safe from criticism, the Champalimaud Foundation’s very own cafeteria comes under fire for not having enough of his favourite ingredient…!

If you missed any previous editions, they are available on this playlist.

And for more information about the Champalimaud Foundation’s International Neuroscience Doctoral Programme (INDP), click here.

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