What am I looking at? A Galactic Splatter

Portuguese Version


This otherworldly image from the Myeloma Lymphoma Research Group Lab brings the curtain down on season 1. 

This one could be straight from the Hubble telescope (Clue: it isn’t!), but let’s ask one final time – at least for now – ‘What am I looking at?’ 

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Original Idea: John Lee
Concept Development & Curation: António Monteiro, Carla Emilie Pereira, Catarina Ramos, Diana Cadete, Hedi Young, João Van Zelst, John Lee, Marta Correia and Teresa Fernandes
Source (Text & Image): Myeloma Lymphoma Research Group Lab
Script: Hedi Young and John Lee
Design: Carla Emilie Pereira
Narration: Hedi Young and Marta Correia
Sound: João Van Zelst
Translation: Catarina Ramos
Dissemination: Diana Cadete and Ana Rita Mendes

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