SCIENCE SNAPSHOT: intercepting tumour communications

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To celebrate Champalimaud Research’s tenth anniversary, a photo exhibit and an accompanying video series bring you snapshots of its scientists and their work.

snapshot 2: Intercepting tumour communications

Group name: Systems Oncology.
Researcher: Bruno Costa Silva. (video)
Topic: How do cancerous cells recruit the support of normal cells for tumour growth and metastasis?

Scientists at the Systems Oncology Lab believe that the exchange of extracellular vesicles, a natural form of communication in the body, is a key part of the answer. Many healthy processes in the body work through the exchange of these tiny vesicles. Cancerous cells, however, hijack this system to promote metastasis. The scientists are now uncovering how cancerous cells do this by intercepting vesicles exchanged between them and normal cells.

The exhibit will be running during October and November of 2017 at the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown. 


Video. Snapshot 2: Intercepting Tumour Communications.



Liad Hollender works as a Science Writer at the Science Communication Office at Champalimaud Research



Edited by: Catarina Ramos(Science Communication office). Image credit: Clara Howcroft-Ferreira.



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