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Are you curious about art, science and technology? Are you a scientist, innovator, thinker, artist, visionary, developer, researcher, writer, faculty, student, creator, deconstructionist, philosopher or poet? If you answered yes to the questions above, then you are creatively disturbed. Yes, don’t try to deny it. You know you are!

We discovered our creative disturbance when we decided to combine artists and neuroscientists in the same room to come up with a co-creation, embarking on the “Roots of Curiosity: Time in Science and Arts” project. The cycle (more info available here), a collaboration between Champalimaud Foundation and Centro Cultural de Belém, encompassed diverse public events, including a conference to explore and discuss the impact of science-art initiatives. It was through this conference that we met Roger Malina, the executive editor of the Leonardo Publications at MIT Press. Roger is not only a hugely creatively disturbed person, but he is also the founder of a platform to gather like-minded minds out there and disseminate their ideas throughout the world.

Creative Disturbance is a place to share creative ideas, thoughts and projects, to serve the intellectually curious of the world. The online platform operates through a podcast channel system, whereby transient or ongoing subject-matter channels are developed, produced, and disseminated.

With the goal of sparking your curiosity about science-arts interactions, we created the Creative Disturbance podcast channel “Roots of Curiosity”.


We already used this space to have conversations with some of the artists and scientists involved in the Roots of Curiosity cycle in Lisbon about: what the scientists learnt from this collaborative project, what they took from it into their daily lives in the lab (podcasts link1 and link2) and what the pairs of scientists-artists felt the biggest challenge was (podcast link3). The curator of the project, Madalena Wallenstein, also shared with us the impact of bringing neuroscience to the educational department (Fábrica das Artes) of the arts museum Centro Cultural de Belém (podcast link4).

We still have so many unanswered questions about science, arts and the wonders of the brain. We will continue investigating them, beyond the Roots of Curiosity cycle. Keep tuned for more updates on our Creative Disturbance podcast channel!


Patrícia, Rita and Sam organized the Ar event “Creativity: the playground of the brain” in 2012. After that, they created and produced the science-art project “Roots of Curiosity”, in collaboration with the Museum “Centro Cultural de Belém”. The project included a performance, diverse workshops, a conference and culminated with the publication of a book and a documentary. The three creators keep on being curious to discover more about science-art collaborations.



Edited by: Annelene Dahl (page editor), Clara Howcroft Ferreira (editor-in-chief)


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