“I was always curious about how the small details add up to form the world we are living in”


(Legendado em português)

Sabine Renninger still remembers the day she had her first samples under the microscope in school. The possibility of expanding her view of the world and zooming into the unknown was something that started fascinating her early on.

Now, as a postdoc in the Vision to Action Lab at Champalimaud Research, she is using some of the most advanced techniques to visualize the activity of huge populations of neurons throughout the whole brain of an animal – the transparent brain of the zebrafish larvae. She wants to understand how an animal perceives the surrounding world while navigating through it, and how this interaction shapes its behavior.

Outside the lab, we might find her discovering the portuguese coastline, in search for peaceful places with good waves.




Maria Inês Vicente works at the Science Communication Office at the Champalimaud Research



Edited by: Catarina Ramos (Science Communication office), Gil Costa (Science Communication office), Ivo Marcelo (section editor), Tiago Marques (section editor),
Clara Howcroft Ferreira (editor-in-chief)


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