Champalimaud Foundation – PhD Student Diaries | FEBRUARY Edition

Versão Portuguesa

In this month’s PhD Student Diary, Prannay welcomes Miguel Donderis to tell us all about his initial thoughts on the group’s first lab rotations. As always, there has to be some time for the students to recharge their batteries, so find out why Miguel has had a change of direction, literally!

Miguel and Prannay also volunteered at Cosyne 2024, a systems neuroscience conference that took place in Lisbon earlier this month. They took their cameras with them and recorded some behind the scenes footage to give a student’s perspective of this cutting-edge event.

But – the big surprise – there is a distinct lack of cakes in this edition: what’s wrong with Prannay??

If you missed any previous editions, they are available on this playlist.

And for more information about the Champalimaud Foundation’s International Neuroscience Doctoral Programme (INDP), click here.

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